How to calculate chargeable CBM and weight

Air freight and LCL consolidation sea shipping normally charge weight and cubic meter whichever bigger, LCL sea shipping to Singapore 1 cbm = 500 kg, means if a client wanted shipping 1 cbm goods to Singapore the maximum weight allowed 500 kg for its one cbm.

what is called CBM

If one CBM goods send by LCL sea freight and its weight is 600 kg. the chargeable CBM should 600 ÷ 500 = 1.2 CBM. both LCL sea shipping and air freight would charge weight and cubic meter whichever bigger.

Air freight 1 cbm normally equals 167 kg, 1 meter = 100 centimeter, (100 centimeter lenght x 100 centimeter width x 100 centimeter height)÷ 6000 exponential rate = 167 kg. courier express normally ÷ 5000 exponential rate

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