How to send fragile goods to Singapore, any requirement if send fragile cargo

In domestics transportation and international cargo shipping carrying fragile goods whatever by air freight or by sea shipping are require firmly packaging, good packaging is to protect fragile goods avoiding damage during transportation from A to B. many international freight forwarder refuse to ship fragile goods, because experience tells us many dispute would happen when cargo finished delivery.
Some clients in Singapore said Taobao official logistics refuse to ship any big items and fragile goods, here is the explanation, Taobao is just a platform, it never has a real logistics function, some logistics in Taobao platform is a contractor, they are just briefcase company, and these company don’t do real cargo shipping, they just doing resource integration, collecting parcels and gathering parcels, then resale to another logistics to fulfill transport and delivery. pay commission to taobao and keep some in their pocket.
When these contractors shipping fragile cargo to Singapore caused damage, consignee in Singapore will complain from Taobao platform, while taobao must solve the case. more complain rising, more trouble they confront with. so these briefcase company which so called taobao official logistics straightforwardly reject shipping the big items and fragile goods.
DJcargo can shipping fragile goods and big items, because whole procedure handle by us personally, we just requires well packaging, our warehouse workers are well trained, we would make caution label on goods outside package and comment in paper file to Singapore team. Singapore warehouse would handle cargo with care, we follow international rules that any unexpected damage would get no compensate.

What goods regard as fragile goods

dressing glass

mirors, dress mirror, cargo made by glass materials

flower vase

ceramics art works goods


cup, glass bottle


floor tile and stoneworks

glass bottle

glass bottle

Do fragile goods packaging inside layer use foam materials to protect quaking, middle layer packaging use cartons or weave bag or other materials, outside use wooden case, or wooden crate, or palatalize shrinking wrap to repacking. but some crude wood can not use to do packaging sending to Singapore

What wood materials can not use


crude wood with bark is reject to use

mildewing wood

crude wood mildewing is reject to use