FCL freight to Singapore from China


What is called FCL?
FCL is the acronym for Full Container Loading, FCL dry container has three types 20 feet, 40 feet and 40 high feet. normally cargo volume is reached 20 - 25 cbm we advice customer to send cargo by using a 20 feet container to load, cargo volume reached 50 - 55 cbm, use a 40 feet container to load, cargo volume 60 - 68 cbm, use a 40 high feet container to load.
In what condidtion to use a container shipping?
The one condition as above says that the cargo quantity reached a certain volume for a container loading.
The two is that the cargo unsuitable by using LCL shipping.
How to ship a container to Singapore
1. Customer has one supplier in China, and we are able to send a container from anywhere in China to Singapore by door to door delivery.
2. Customer has multiple suppliers in China, DJcargo warehouse can do goods collective and send a container to Singapore by door to door delivery.


Offer some information to have an accurate quotation
DDU/DDP door to door container shipping to Singapore from China need some information to check real cost. such as we need shipper's address to confirm haulage truck cost, need goods packing list to confirm export customs cost, need Singapore delivery address to confirm haulage truck delivery cost and whether the address can send a truck with container

Shipping full container procedure

Shipping a container from China to Singapore, we can sign a contract with customer before conducting a shipment, or make a oral agreement.
1. Confirm commodity, quanitity, packing list for export and import customs declaration purpose.
2. Confirm shipper's address in China and consignee address in Singapore for haulage truck purpose, some downtown address unable to send truck in
3. Confirm cargo from one place or multi-place in China,(one place in China can ship a container from anywhere in China, multi-place in China better ship a container through our warehouse in Guangzhou)
4. Book a container SO to make order intake
5. send a haulage truck with container to a specific address in China to load cargo
6. Do export customs works
7. Make container on vessel and heading to Singapore
8. Singapore side does import cusotms declaration according to packing list 1st step confirmed
9. Make container delivery to consignee appointed address

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