Courier express to Singapore from China

Customers buy goods in China online shop taobao, alibaba, jd, dangdang, or some wholesale market with small quantity, still can use our courier express service deliver to Singapore address by door to door, arranging a courier express to Singapore has two method, the one is dedicated airline courier express, another are DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS. the former one is most cheaper, but timing is not reliable, second one is timing reliable but price is higher.
taobao shipping to Singapore

Courier Express Service

International courier express freight is more expensive than dedicated airline parcel delivery. DHL FedEx, TNT, UPS and EMS courier express are higher cost. send documentaries or small parcel through courier company will charge at least 24 SGD for first one 0.5 kg. but our airline parcel delivery just charge 9 SGD for first 0.5 kg. and its subsequently weight cost is only 5 SGD SGD per each 0.5 kg.

Dedicated airline parcel delivery price

Frist 0.5 kg —— 9 SGD
Second 0.5 kg —— 3 SGD
more than 11 kg —— 5 SGD per 1 kg
more than 30 kg —— 4.5 SGD per 1 kg
more than 50 kg —— 4 SGD per 1 kg
more than 100 kg —— 3.8 SGD per 1 kg
more than 300 kg —— 3.5 SGD per 1 kg

Authorised agence price of DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS

24 SGD per 1st kg (need check price case by case)

taobao shipping to Singapore

taobao shipping to SingaporeSend air parcel to Singapore procedure

1. Let supplier send cargo to our warehouse.
2. We confirm with customer for how many goods we received.
3. Confirm with client for goods actual weight and volumetric weight
4. Confirm with clients shipping method.and chargeable cost
5. Conducting freight arrangement.
6. Collect freight.

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