Recently COVID-19 pandemic globally, China to Singapore logistics only sea shipping is smooth and normal, total shipping time 10 days i'sh
Courier Express and Air Cargo is not advisable
Small parcel sea shipping price
《1- 10 kg: First 1 kg 30 rmb/kg. Subsequent kg is 10 rmb per kg》
《10 -50 kg: 10rmb per kg》
The cost is from warehouse to consignee door all included, no any extra cost
The cost is for general cargo, sensitive cargo + 3rmb per kg
small parcel freight

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FCL container door to door ocean ship to Singapore

①. Can ship container 20/40 feet from anywhere in China to anywhere in Singapore(door to door)
②. Can send container through DJcargo's warehouse to Singapore (warehouse collective to Singapore)
③. Can manage to ship freezer container to Singapore for meat, vegetable, fruit and some cargo needs refrigerative carry (factory to door)
④. Can arrange inland railway transit, river transit, road transit from inland cities to coast export dock then ship to Singapore
⑤. Can handle export customs declaration, tax refund presentation, fumigation, commercial inspection presentation
⑥. Can manage to arrange container to ship to Singapore every day, Monday to Sunday, sea shipping lead time about 10 days


LCL consolidation cargo door to door sea shipping to Singapore

①. Can send LCL consolidation cargo to Singapore by dedicated one package service door to door sea shipping
②. Can start ship LCL cargo from Yiwu and Guangzhou warehouse to Singapore(warehouse to door)
③. Can free receive cargo, free unload, free forklift, no warehouse entrance charge, and warehouse at 1st floor easy for delivery
④. Can free measure cargo weight and dimension, free inspect packaging condition , quantities, photo taken
⑤. Can handle export customs works, sea freight, Singapore import declaration, and free delivery
⑥. Can do Singapore import customs declaration under company UEN or individual import purpose
⑦. Frequency of shipping LCL cargo to Singapore from China every day. shipping lead time 10 -12 days


Air freight Courier express door to door to Singapore

①. Air freight can be sent from all international airport in China to Changi airport in Singapore
②. Air freight to Singapore handle export customs works, import customs works and Singapore delivery
③. Air freight to Singapore can act fumigation, commercial inspection, documentaries audit
④. Courier express can be sent by dedicated airline flight, also can arrange DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS
⑤. Air freight, Courier express frequency Monday to Sunday every day has freight

What are we going to do for each shipment

①. Offer best freight option to clients according to the nature of cargo volume
②. Multilateral coordinate the shippers, domestic transport delivery, clients, consignees for all manner of preliminary preparation for shipping works
③. Handle China export works, audit export and import documentation
④. Managing physical cargo loading onto shipping procedures
⑤. Handle Singapore dock port/ air port customs import declaration, pay GST to customs on behalf of importers
⑥. Impliment Singapore nationwide delivery

About DJcargo

DJcargo China and Singapore are the same company and mainly offering door to door (DDU/DDP) logistics service from China to Singapore, We started doing freight service since 2008. company established earlier aimed for China to Singapore shuttle logistics service, at that time, we only offer door to door sea freight to Singapore, and Singapore to China. with constantly developing, we now have larget scale freight methods to customers.

FCL full container 20 feet / 40 feet from China nationwide cities to Singapore by door to door
LCL bulk cargo consolidation sea shipping by door to door
(LCL cargo door to door sea shipping can from Yiwu and Guangzhou)
Air freight cargo can booking flight space from all international airport in China to Changi airport
Courier express authorised agence price and dedicated parcel delivery service

Why Chose Us

DJcargo is a professional logistics

Long run and skilled

As we started doing freight service from China to Singapore, with almost 10 years experience and mainly operated by door to door, handle both customs declaration, we have skilled a lot about cargo export and import matters. every customer can get right advice from us, and best freight solution for its cargo transportation

We can handle cargo export from every POD in China to Singapore, every city in China to Singapore by door to door freight service, also Singapore import customs works and delivery

Formal way handle shipment

We treat every shipment with standard procedure and carefully handling, not only for big shipment such as container sea shipping, LCL consolidation sea shipping, but also by small parcel delivery and air freight

We have very muture system to supervise our warehouse and internal workfollow, customers can easy get real goods status and tracking

Short lead time

We have LCL consolidation container to Singapore every day, it means we can ship cargo immediately when it reach to our warehouse, in other words, we have large cargo volume, sufficient to load every day. can shorten elapsed time

We normally order FCL container in advance to fit shipper's schedule
Sending air parcel every day, and booking air flight same day when customers need

One package service

We offer one packages service (also called one dragon service) means that the quotation we offer to customers with no any extra cost, we make every deal brightly, no miscellaneous cost charge to customer in addition

Accountable, dependable, reliable is not a slogon, we make customers do less works on their shipments, we handle cargo transport thorough we take the job

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